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David Friess for State Representative

Family. Faith. Freedom


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David Friess is a conservative, Christian, and an Air Force veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm, who became the state representative for the 115th district following his election in 2020 and was re-elected in 2022. 


He’s also a father who desperately wants his children to inherit a state and region better than the one that exists today. His life of service tells a tale of fighting for others, and he won’t stop now.


David grew up on the banks of the Mississippi River in Chester. He met his wife there, and they both graduated from Chester High School. The couple now raises their two children in Red Bud and attends church in Rockwood. David is a member of the Red Bud VFW and the Randolph County Bar Association. He also has coached his children's youth sports teams. David has built his life in Southern Illinois and has served his country abroad.

David Friess for State Representative
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Straight out of high school, David enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and served as a C-141 crew chief out of Charleston, South Carolina. By 1990, David found himself on numerous missions aboard the C-141 flying into the theater of Desert Storm as a flight engineer.


After a stint with Delta Airlines as an aircraft mechanic, David put himself through college, earning a Criminal Justice degree from Mercer University and his Juris Doctorate from the John Marshall Law School.


David is looking to serve his last tour of duty – in Springfield – and the new battlefield is Illinois. It’s career politicians versus us. Unfortunately, the political class has been winning the battles – driving up our taxes, driving out jobs, racking up our debt, and passing a radical left-wing agenda –

everything against the beliefs of the 115th District.


It’s time we had someone stand up to hear our concerns, to be our voice, and to fight for us. David Friess is that conservative fighter.



David is 100% Pro-Life and will always defend the sanctity of life. David knows that all life is precious and created in the image of a God who knows us and loves us. Life must be protected at every stage - from the moment of conception until birth.


David will also steadfastly defend religious liberty,  a core tenant of our nation’s founding.


The state's high tax burden makes it among the most unfriendly states for middle-class families as politicians keep coming back for more and more.


David Friess will advocate for property tax relief and the hold line on taxes to make Illinois an affordable place to live.


The right to bear arms is under assault in Illinois by Pritzker and Chicago liberals.


David will never vote to infringe upon the absolute right of all people to own and carry firearms. 

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David Friess for State Representative

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